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A great all-round introduction to the world of interchangeable lens cameras, this mid-level APS-C mirrorless camera offers 4K video and stills with real-time autofocusing, including on the eyes of people and animals

The A6100’s key features include a 24MP APS-C sensor and a lightning-quick 0.02-second autofocus that tracks throughout the frame. It’s called Real-Time Tracking Autofocus. That impressed us during our time with the A6100, as did Sony’s new Real-Time Eye AF tracking technology, though they don’t work simultaneously.

Designed for still shots and video, and around since the Sony A6400 and the Alpha A9, Real-Time Eye AF tracking automatically focuses on eyes wherever they move within the frame.

The A6100 also manages 11fps burst shooting, which works so well when combined with Real-Time Tracking Autofocus and makes it much more likely that you’ll get a sharp shot. Note that the A6100 features a lower ISO range than the A6600 (the upper limit is ISO 51,200).

For video, the A6100 is enticing. As well as unlimited video recording time, the A6100 captures XAVC S format 4K video at 24fps and 30fps, and Full HD at 120fps for slo-mo.

The A6100’s Real-Time Tracking Autofocus and Eye AF tracking really impressed us during our test with the all-new Sony E 70-350mm lens. The latter makes focusing on eyes way simpler; instead of constantly refocusing to keep the eyes of a person or animal sharp, you touch the face you want to track, while the A6100 identifies the eyes for you, and keeps them focused throughout the entire frame.

Use the touchscreen rear panel and the A6100 will even follows your subject as they move around the frame. A major reason for it is to allow the photographer to forget about refocusing and instead concentrate on composition and/or interacting with their subject. It seemed pretty reliable during our test with a live model strutting around the Sony stand, and it definitely freed us up to think about composition.

You do have to toggle between human and animal in the onscreen menus, and also know that on the A6100 the Real Time Eye AF feature doesn’t work when capturing video.

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