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Intended for photographers, videographers, cinematographers, and gaffers, the C-700R-U SpectroMaster Color Meter for Photo/Video/Cine from Sekonic is an advanced field meter capable of reading all light sources whether they’re LED, flash, incandescent, HMI, fluorescent or in the natural light spectrum. Most importantly, it’s a practical lighting tool that analyzes the light source using 9 different display modes on its 4.3″ color touchscreen, indicating specifically what you need to do to achieve your desired effect. Additionally, the C-700R-U employs radio technology to wirelessly trigger a PocketWizard-connected flash at distances up to 100′. The meter’s CMOS sensor enables measurement in increments as fine as 1nm and allows capture of color spikes in the light output—an especially valuable function when working with LED, HMI, fluorescent lighting and mixed sources.

The SpectroMaster has very impressive accuracy, repeatability, and response specs and a wide range of values in all modes. Flash units can be triggered at distances up to up 100′ (30m) using the optional PocketWizard wireless triggering system. Any flash can be triggered and measured with a touch of the meter’s measuring button. Selective zone control can even trigger individual flashes in a group or the entire group simultaneously. Ambient light has a wide 1.0 to 200,000 lux range (0.09 to 18,600 fc). The intuitive color touchscreen offers access to the meter’s many functions including a Spectrum graph, CRI, Camera Filter, Lighting Filter, White Balance Compensation, and comparison of multiple lights.

Text mode offers screen display of color temperature, lux or fc, color compensation, and light balancing filters for your targeted color temperature. CRI also has a dedicated screen that displays standard color reference values (including R1 thru 15) as a percentage of the light source’s ability to reproduce a color accurately, as compared to the Ra standard. The Camera Filter and Lighting Filter Screens display actual Rosco, Lee, Kodak Wratten, and Fuji filter designations.

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