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Google Pixel 2 128GB Clearly White (GO11A)
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Blackberry Keyone BBB100-7 Black (64GB-4GB, Dual SIM)
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The Google Pixel 2 features a stunning two-tone design, impressive camera and a plethora of small improvements designed to make your life easier and better – because it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Pixel perfect always-on AMOLED display

The Pixel 2’s full HD screen shows pixel perfect clarity. The lockscreen is always on thanks OLED technology, which uses no power when displaying black. See the time and missed notifications on the fly without lifting a finger.

Take digital camera quality photos

Google proves you don’t need a dual-lens camera in your phone to take high quality photos. The Pixel 2 uses advanced imaging technology to ensure you look your best. Built with facial algorithms, depth-mapping sensors and image stabilization on top of a solid f1.8 lens which shines even in lowlight conditions, people won’t believe your photos were taken with a phone.

It’s the little things that count

Google have gone all out to create an intuitive experience for you. From interface changes to make your life easier, to integrating Google Assistant seamlessly into the phone, the Pixel 2 can enrich your life at a push of a button. At a museum and want to know more about a painting? Simply pull out your phone, take a photo, and Google Lens will bring up all the information you want to know – like a personal tour guide in your pocket!

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