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Handheld & holder 2 in 1 tripod

Compatible with WG2/ G5/ SPG series/ G360 / Vimble c /
WG series/ G4 series gimbals

Weight 0.5 kg
Battery 26650 flat head battery*1, 5000mAh, 3.6V. Battery could be charged from external power sources by Micro USB port (Note: The function of waterproof will be affected while charging).
Usage Time In Theory 14 hours (with a totally balanced cellphone, and does not charge the phone while working)
Charging Time ≥ 5 hours, recommending using 5V/2A adapter for charging (quick charger is banned from charging). An battery indicator could be found on the screen while charging. When the indicator is marked with four bars, that means the battery is fully charged.
Arguments On Charging Cellphones Output voltage: DC 5V, MAX Electric Current Output: 500 mA 
Please note:
1 While charging smart phone, please use charging cables which are optional accessories (including micro USB port, or Type C port, or Lightning port).
2 Please take off the shell so that the USB cable could fully contact smart phone while charging.
Splash-Proof Grade Only fresh water splash-proof. Underwater use and saltwater exposure are banned.
Materials In Main Body Aluminum Alloys
Mechanical Limitations on Rotation Tilt: 320°
Roll: 320°
Pan: 360° (Unlimited)
Controllable Range Tilt: +140°to -180°
Roll: ±30° (when controlled by Horizontal Adjustment Button)
360°(when parallel to the ground, and works in full follow mode, it could be controlled to rotate 360° by joystick)
Pan: 360° (unlimited)
Balance & Switching Between Landscape and Portrait Modes Landscape Mode: balancing cellphones weighed differently by knob ring
Portrait Mode: 1) rotate the holder 90°and insert cellphone, finding just the right distance from the buttons on cellphone and moving cross arm until cellphone can stop at where you point it to.
2) when gimbal is in landscape mode, and tilt motor is placed on the right hand side, long press trigger button then single tap function button to switch to portrait mode. Double click trigger button to exit portrait mode.
Power On/Off POWER ON/ OFF: Long press the function button, the display will show “FY” and release it when hear the beep tone.
Working Modes & Functions of Buttons Function Button operations
1 Single tap: switch between panning mode HF (Default mode) and lock mode LK. 
2 Double tap: follow mode TF, enter panning mode HF by single-tapping in this mode. 
3 Triple tap: all follow mode AF, enter panning mode HF by single-tapping in this mode. 
Roll axis could be controlled by joystick to rotate 360°which creates Dutch-angle Shots in AF mode when gimbal is parallel to the ground.
4 Quadruple tap: auto-rotation Mode, perfectly fit for time-lapse. You can set up the start, the finish and the rotation route by hand in this mode. When setting is done, gimbal will be automatically rotated following pre-set route in a constant speed, and stop at the end position when rotation is done (Find more details in the manual of SPG2).
5 Quintuple tap: initialize the gimbal in order to get correct attitude parameters when it is not level or in abnormal status.
Note: "Initing" shows up in the display after tapping function button 5 times. SPG2 automatically detects whether or not it is placed on a static flat surface (see below). Initialization will be done automatically once the gimbal is placed on a static flat surface, and "Init Complete" will be displayed. Otherwise, SPG2 is keeping detecting and waiting. Please pick up gimbal and single tap function button to wake up it when initialization is done.
Shutter Button operations 
1 Control of phone camera: pair with cellphone, single tap shutter button to take photos or videos (switch to either photo or video interface by hand).
2 Control of App camera: control the camera in Vicool APP to take photos or videos when gimbal successfully connects with the app (single tap for taking photo, press shutter button 2-3s for shooting. You can take photos while shooting).
3 Switch of front&rear camera: double click shutter button to switch front&rear camera when the app is connected with gimbal. 
Setting Button operations
1 Switching Between Shooting Modes: when Vicool is fully connected, single tap setting button to switch shooting modes in the app (Video, Panorama, Time-lapse and Slow Motion).
2 Adjust Volume: connect to audio Bluetooth of gimbal in Bluetooth list of cellphone,long press setting button to switch between the main interface and the volume interface. Adjust the volume by moving the joystick up/down.
Trigger Button operations 
1 Enter Fast Follow Mode: press and hold trigger button in either Panning Mode or Follow Mode to enter Fast Follow Mode. Release it to go back to the previous mode. Fast Follow Mode gets a little more involved with shots in which the tracking should be fast, like riding motorcycles, skateboarding, parkour, chasing. It is also suitable for transition.
2 Reset: double tap trigger button to reset gimbal. Panning mode HF is activated, and all three axis go back to the default position. 
Horizontal Adjustment Button operations 
This button can control roll axis to rotate between +30°to -30°. Double click trigger button to reset if needed.
Multi-function Knob operations
1 Camera Control: single tap to switch among W/T´╝îISO, WB and EXP in the main interface of Vicool and adjust parameters of the chosen option by rotating the knob (W/T is the default option).
2 Switching Between Devices: long press about 1s to switch between camera control and gimbal control.
3 Gimbal Control: single tap to switch among Pan Control, Roll Control and Tilt Control whilst rotate the knob gives you fine-grained control on the chosen axis.
Audio Port
The following features could be performed on the basis of connecting audio Bluetooth of gimbal in the Bluetooth list of cellphone.
1 Sound Recording: plug phone jack of headphone or Mic into audio port, then could do sound recording.
2 Answer Calls: when there is a phone call and headphone inserted, single click trigger button to answer the call and single click again to hang up.
APP Features Face/Object tracking; Panorama; Time-lapse; Slow Motion(available to Android phones which support 120fps slow motion); Freeze-Frame shot; Zoom; Virtual Remote Control; BT Sound Recording; Battery and Cellphone Storage indicator; Motor Dynamics and other parameters setting; Horizontal Calibration; Video Editing and Share.
Sound Recording Use headphone or mic to sound better while recording is recommended, and that is on the basis of either connecting audio Bluetooth of gimbal in the Bluetooth list of cellphone or connecting gimbal to Vicool. 
For third-party applications which should support HFP protocol then could do sound recording by mic.
By far, SPG2 only supports headphone jacks with American Headset Jack (AHJ) standard. An adapter is necessary for Headphone jacks with Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) when recording.
Different color in insulation rings distinguishes AHJ from OMTP.
AHJ: white
OMTP: black
Main functions for users Initialize the gimbal in order to get correct attitude parameters when it is not level or in abnormal status.
Upgrade the firmware by computer (USB adapter is needed and purchased separately). 
Face/Object tracking, Panorama, Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Zoom, Parameters Setting and Horizontal Calibration are included in Vicool app.
Control cellphone to take photo/video (both phone camera and App camera)
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