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DiCAPac WP-610 Waterproof Case
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Construction PVC vinyl plastic with polycarbonate lens port
Control Type Pressure through flexible material
Controls All
Depth Rating 33' (10m)
Buoyancy Positive
Port Polycarbonate flat lens port
Internal Flash Usable No
External Strobe Connector No
TTL Compatible No
Moisture Alarm No
Color Clear/dark brown
Dimensions 7.48 x 5.12" (190 x 130mm)

The DiCAPac WP-570 Waterproof Case will protect your digital camera when you are using it at the beach, swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling or diving down to 33′ (10m). This is a PVC vinyl housing with a polycarbonate UV coated port that allows access to all camera controls. It can be used with larger point & shoot digital cameras such as the Canon G11. The lens port allows the lens to extend out to 1.4″ (35mm) and has an internal diameter of 2.1″ (54mm). The housing meets JIS IPX8 requirements for underwater usage.

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