Cougar Attack X3 RGB V2 Cherry Red mechanical keyboard $181.50
Cougar Attack X3 RGB V2 Cherry Brown mechanical keyboard $181.50


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  • Pure Tempered Glass: Four tempered glass covers create a black mirrored box that allows internal lighting to go out in a semi-transparent manner.
  • Incredible RGB Lighting: PURITAS RGB comes with 3 COUGAR Vortex RGB FCB 120 fans and a COUGAR Core Box C that supports up to 8 fans and 4 LED strips! Control the 14 lighting effects we’ve preset for you with the case’s dedicated RGB button, or connect it to a compatible motherboard’s 5V RGB connection for system-wide synchronization!
  • Powerful Cooling: With the possibility of installing up to five water cooling radiators and ten fans, you will have greater leeway in designing the right solution to keep your computer well cooled!
  • Superior Gaming Specs: With seven expansion slots, Puritas RGB allows you to install up to three 425mm long graphics cards. It also has plenty of dedicated space for storage: two 3.5″ and four 2.5″ bays give you space for all the SDDs and HDDs you need.
  • PURITAS RGB is a case for the valiant. For those who want a build that is truly of their own. For the creators. For the modding heroes. For the serious PC builders.
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