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  • Dual Build: To guarantee top-notch performance, Gemini X allows you to build two full computers within a single case.
  • A high-end build (up to 12 x 10.9 in motherboards) for gaming, and a Mini-ITX build for streaming or hosting.
  • Dual View: Vertical or Horizontal. Two ways of using Gemini X that not only allow it to suit your space distribution; they also let you choose which components you want to see.
  • Dual Quality: Most aluminium cases’ metal thickness is under 1 millimetre. We did 3 millimetres. Most tempered glass cases use 4mm-thick glass. We used extra-thick 5mm glass. As the premium case it is, Gemini X screams quality from every angle.
  • Dual Airflow: Two elongated chambers, with up to five fans and a massive lateral vent each, provide your components with an uninterrupted and potent airflow that will keep components’ temperatures under control while the cable management space between the two chambers allows heat to dissipate.
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