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Canon 18×50 IS Binoculars deliver truly outstanding optical performance and a well-stabilized, high-magnification view. Whether at the water’s edge enjoying a boat race or high in a stadium’s uppermost deck, the 18×50 IS puts you right in the middle of the action with extreme intimacy. The 18×50 IS is great for big game hunters, spectators of extremely distant sports such as surfing or extreme skiing, or anyone hunkering for incredible pulling power that can actually be enjoyed without the use of a tripod. The design is water resistant, with a tripod socket, as extended periods of observation are best enjoyed with some form of support.

The 18×50 IS was not designed to be habitually worn around the neck, but if you prefer to carry your optic in this manner then consider a thick neoprene strap instead of the supplied flat woven strap. If you’ll be using the binoculars in cold weather, it is highly recommended to use lithium batteries (optional) instead of alkaline.

The 18×50 IS is threaded to accept 58mm filters, which is convenient for using polarizers around water, but it also means that during extremely bright or humid conditions you can use a pair of 58mm lens hoods to help shield the objective lenses from dew and stray light, thus improving contrast.

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