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Epygi QX-0050-0000 QX50 IP PBX, 2x FXO & 2x FXS, 16x SIP Ext

QX-0050-0000 $1,475.00

Grandstream HA100 High Availability Controller for the UCM6510

HA100 $821.25

Grandstream UCM6301 IP PBX, 1 FXO, 1FXS, 500 Ext, 75 Concurrent Calls

UCM6301 $786.25

QX200 IP PBX, 4x FXO & 2x FXS, 24x SIP Ext. expandable to 200, line in/out ports, LAN/WAN

QX-0200-0000 $2,025.00

Epygi QX-0020-0000 QX20 IP PBX, 12x SIP Ext. Expd to 32, 6x Concurrent Calls

QX-0020-0000 $737.50
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