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Grandstream DP752 HD DECT Base Station, PTT, extended range

DP752 $111.25

DECT Phone Repeater. Up to 6 repeaters per base station, cascade up to 2 repeaters, compatible with W60B

RT30 $340.00

Grandstream DP760 HD DECT Repeater

DP760 $238.75

DECT USB Dongle for the SIP-T41S and T42S

DD10K $41.25

Grandstream DP730 HD High-Tier DECT Handset

DP730 $220.00

DECT Phone Repeater. Up to 5 repeaters per base station (Australia)

RT20U $318.75

Grandstream DP750 HD DECT base station

DP750 $140.00

Grandstream DP720 HD DECT phone

DP720 $122.50
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